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Home / News > You buy a pair of nice christian louboutin red bottoms shoes, but you tied the method of shoelaces really catchy


You buy a pair of nice christian louboutin red bottoms shoes, but you tied the method of shoelaces really catchy

Excellent men into the workplace and ultimately a pair of good quality shoes. High society from the shoes to observe a man's taste, this view is now more and more popular in the ordinary office groups. Then how should choose a pair of men to wear business shoes to wear shoes? Shoes not only to buy well, but also to wear well, where the shoes shoelaces how to correct it? First of all, business shoes generally choose black and brown two colors, do not like casual shoes, like what color, so it is very serious, not formal. Second, a need to wear a suit out of formal occasions, men, at least should have more than two pairs of black dress shoes, one of which is lace, such as "three joints" or "two connector" men's shoes, the other can be No shoes The lace shoes are more serious than those without the band, depending on the occasion you are attending. Black leather shoes and any kind of deep color suit are complement each other, so that you can cope with in many occasions. In addition, there should be a pair of brown dress shoes, it is louboutin shoes not only compatible with the color of the suit, but also with casual wear is also active. Suitable for work wear business shoes must be selected for their own foot type, wearing comfortable, which requires the shoes themselves with materials, workmanship excellent quality.

Buy a suitable business shoes or suits shoes, but also to carry out appropriate maintenance to extend the wearing of shoes. Finally, if the old business shoes, should immediately change the new, rather than wear it before updating. Details of the Department can better reflect the pursuit of quality and life of men and taste. Modern fashion is followed by the traditional advantages, simple style seems to be the same ancient legend, so the Department of shoelaces is not easy to fancy, as long as simple and comfortable on the line, then we first look at the shoes are loaded shoes, How can we be comfortable and not fancy? The easiest way to talk about the lace from the left and then from the right side of the push and the like, or from the right side can also be entirely dependent on personal liking, the operation is very simple. First in the bottom from the bottom of each shoe to wear down, and then cross the christian louboutin shoes sale hole after the punch above the hole to wear, repeat the above process until you are satisfied with the location, this method is most suitable for perforating more dress shoes. The two men's shoes is the most common method, whether it is used in the delivery of shoes or sports shoes, casual shoes, can be used.