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Woman, you should have a pair of high heels

High heels has always been a lot of Amy's favorite, wearing not only high, but also increase the temptation of a woman, it can make a woman walk, the center of gravity after the shift, legs corresponding straight, and cause hip contraction, chest Quite, which created a woman elegant step and swaying charm, willow and rhyme is the best interpretation of high heels. However, in the retro series of women's shoes, mostly to flat with the main, high-heeled series of relatively small, the following I have to introduce several different heel retro high heels. Matsushita is a new form of high heel, the world is very popular this new high heels. Beauty of the young ladies to wear this kind of shoe sole like a thick cake of shoes, feeling quite good, with this kind of loft with high boots have become a popular trend. Shoes simple and generous, stylish design, with a touch of retro charm and significant louboutin shoes British style, a good blend of leisure, retro and other elements. Original hand design, heel height 8.5cm, polyurethane, slope with the design, high comfort, and style classic flavor, easy and clothes wild, in the New Year is a very good style. The soles are designed for loose tiles and thick-bottomed waterproof tables. The shoe is a streamlined design for the gold curve. It is ergonomic and relieves the pressure of the high heels to christian louboutin shoes sale the toes. This kind of pine slope with high-heeled design is also a major development trend of louboutin outlet retro shoes this year.

Using the first layer of leather Napa skin, inside pigskin, shoes strong texture, high-end atmosphere on the grade. Rough with the shoes in all the shoes in the style is basically the most, it has to maintain a steady pace, comfortable wearing experience and other aspects of the advantages. Rough with high-heeled shoes corresponding to other types of high christian louboutin sneakers heels, can increase the height of the same time, to the ladies of the sense of security is not comparable to other high heels, it is the most important clothes with the heel style. Pure hand to create, original design, boots fusion of the color, retro, fashion and other elements, boots section Smart, not cumbersome and clumsy. Using hand-wiping process, while incorporating simple elements, so that boots with a strong retro charm. The use of wave-shaped soles, non-slip, wear, while the use of delicate sheepskin production, giving the true comfort and quality assurance at the same time, also gives a distinctive sexy, low-key luxury.