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With these shoes, let your little holiday travel more type

Simple and neat shape and ultimately a wild pedal, wearing a comfortable do not say, street beat tide full. Comfortable flat shoes has been street shooting or travel time of the meat and potatoes, omnipotent it does not say that the shape is also chic incomparable. Side buckle with shoes. For spring and summer, the main color is light color, then this white shoes are more popular, elegant color, whether it is dark or light-colored clothes can be used with the upper and lower feet at the same time more Somewhat fashionable temperament, comfortable soles is to let you walk with the wind. The word with a cool slippers. If the smooth shoes, a little more beautiful, suede shoes is added a bit elegant and gentle feeling, easy to care for the texture has been lazy people's favorite, soft colors coupled with the ladies Fan's clothes , Gentle woman who is absolutely walking on the road to keep returning. Leather thick with grandma shoes. A little bit of the heel of the shoes can be said to be a thick leg of the killer, long legs, long shoes, how people have the heart to miss, comfortable leather has always been the best raw materials for shoes, walking to the feet without pressure, wild christian louboutin color What clothes are good-looking, casually put a POSE will be able to create a fashion bloggers Fan to.

?Tip fine with high heels. Pointed to the high-heeled, can be said that the goddess of the favorite, the feet will be able to have a long 1 m 8 long legs, dark color lining feet white skin, partial OL wind route most women are Can be controlled, and will not be old, gestures exudes an elegant feminine. Rough with shoes. Mary Jane shoes has always been a favorite of young women, not only comfortable and easy to wear, modeling is also very new, rough design with fine walking compared with the more secure, coupled with the design of the square head, retro modern atmosphere, Buckle design is also very unique, small holiday travel as a choice of this shoes pointed flat shoes. For those who need to travel long distances, comfortable flat shoes must be on the choice, then this flat shoes is not only comfortable, modeling is also very eye-catching. The upper with a fight on the grid design, such as Van Gogh's paintings are shoes with red soles generally remarkable, it is indulging in its beauty.

Retro square head christian louboutin sneakers Mary Jane shoes. Red shoes, such as spring-like, bright and moving shoes most suitable for the United States and the United States to shoot the street, in order to highlight the classic and elegant temperament, using the design of the square head, retro Mary shoes coupled with a smooth design, walking on the road Pocketed the envy of the eyes of passers-by. Rough with shoes. Many girls complained that the high heel is too high to walk instability, then in order to solve this problem, the designers have been modified, the selection of rough with the design, increased at the same time does not affect the comfort and red sole heels aesthetics, retro word buckle is The highlight of the shoes, plus bright eyes of the color, how can people do not heart? In the mouth with pointed shoes. Uppers on the metal side of the buckle to improve the texture of the shoes, pointed design makes the feet full of feminine, who do not want to travel their own photos of the United States and the United States? Pink tender color so that the whole people are gentle many, coupled with a small hot floral skirt, street shot queen is you.