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Why winter shoes cross more cold?

Have you ever noticed that the whole body is warm in winter as long as the feet can warm up? But the fact is that after winter, the feet can not warm up at all, and the shoes are more cold. This is why? The shoe itself is not enough warmth, just louboutin shoes wearing the foot instead is the warmest time. Sweaty feet, once the shoes soaked in sweat, you need to absorb a lot heels with red bottoms of heat, the feet of the heat can not meet the needs, it will feel more and more cold. Find the reason, that is good to solve, let's see how winter shoes will be warm. Socks thicker, not only warm, but also reduce the space for feet and shoes, walking friction friction heat doubled. Cold to do bit, the ankle can not be exposed, the ankle is the big joints on the feet, a lot of lumbar and leg spine problems shoes with red soles are caused from the ankle damaged, here must be warm.

Socks must choose a good absorbent material, so sweat in the soles of the feet, good sweat, will not accumulate moisture in the feet inside. Siamese bottoming socks breathability is not good, but the material is also very thin, mostly silk, tightly wrapped feet, will cause poor blood circulation, the body is difficult to return to warmth. red sole shoes We buy winter shoes all know to buy with a plush, it is best to buy to wear for a long time, the plush will not completely collapse, it is really comfortable it. Winter itself, thick clothes, how much the weight will increase, the weight of the shoes Shen Britain Britain, if the soles of poor quality, did not wear long, worn toe soles, the way the water can penetrate into the shoes, how else Warm up? If the socks are not long enough, they are armed with shoes. The boot should cover at least the ankle. The ankle will not be affected by cold and will not be bones. Upper too airtight, sweaty feet can not be excluded, moisture attached to the foot surface, immediately became cold, and will only make the legs colder. The soles of the winter soles are the easiest to be stepped on, not warm, so extra pairs of cotton insoles are necessary. In particular, people who love to sweat, especially in need of insoles, to keep the shoes dry and warm. If the home for a time there is no available spare insoles, take off the shoes every night, put the insoles out, put aside a dry, the next day directly into the shoes, ok. When we will be a pair of shoes more warm, always wear the same pair every day, in fact, this is very easy to cause the shoes which are often high tide, there may be you used to, but also not feel, but the feet will immediately conscious, feeling cold.