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What is the wet shoes wet?

Early summer, thunderstorm season, many friends asked Xiaobian shoes if wet water how to do today Xiaobian to give you a simple talk about how to deal with wet shoes. First of all, with everyone popular: shoes generally use livestock leather. Leather fiber organization has numerous pores, water will swell, soft, easy to make shoes deformation. Therefore, the shoes must be treated in time after flooding. The first point: shoes soaked, first with clean water to wash the shoes, dry with a dry cloth. With some expired wiping the face of the oil wipe the shoes, naturally dry in the shoes after the newspaper into the newspaper, so as not to be eroded by the leather erosion of the leather caused by deformation, after a period of preservation, the shoes will become intact as ever.

The second point: in case of rain, shoes are soaked in rain, use a soft cloth wipe clean, and then wiping an oil, dry in a dry place to dry, avoid cracking in the sun or baking in the coal stove, otherwise Shoes will be heat shrink, crisp, dry, shorten its life. Rub the oil, use soft cloth and brush, do not use rough cloth and short hair hard brush; wrinkled or easy to wrinkle place to be christian louboutin heels more appropriate to wipe some oil, the front tip and heel can be wiped louboutin heels some oil. After the oil, first brush with a brush again, pause for a moment, and then wipe with soft cloth or cotton several times. The third point: the best is the first night painted shoe polish, the next morning and then rub, so that the upper can be bright and flexible. This is because the shoe oil in the turpentine and paraffin and other ingredients have been fully absorbed by the leather, played a role in protecting the red bottom heels leather. Do not pay too much oil and pay attention to the thickness of uniform, otherwise the christian louboutin shoes sale shoes will be aliasing, leather surface will be spent.