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What are the most suitable shoes to wear? What are the safest shoes to wear?

Generally recommend that shoes with red soles you wear christian louboutin heels thin soles, soft flat casual shoes, both safe and does not affect the feeling of foot, and now on the market specifically as a woman driving shoes, few styles, it is recommended that you choose the style of shoes, try to choose the shoes shown in the figure above We can pay special attention to the following: In the heel position of the shoes, the original rubber beans are replaced with a single piece of rubber to improve the wear resistance of the sole while avoiding affecting the appearance. In this way, how can the heel be ground? It will not be bad, shoes can be worn while driving, but you can also walk around the street to kill two birds with one stone! Don't wear wrong shoes when driving? The soles of the platform shoes are too thick, and the thick soles weaken the feeling of the feet in the brakes, making it easy to step louboutin sale on or step on the weight, and cannot be agile and flexible. Especially when accelerating and decelerating parking in an extremely short time, it is easy to cause accidents due to improper control. When wearing high heels to step on the brakes, the force is smaller than the flat heel, the brakes can not step on the brakes, the braking distance will become christian louboutin sneakers longer, especially in emergency braking. In addition, in emergency braking, high heels are very easy to twist, if the heel is stuck under the brake pedal, it will cause the brakes to fail. Similarly, wearing slippers and driving are also prone to safety hazards such as difficult pedaling or slipping on the soles of the feet. Hole shoes look beautiful, but due to the wide shoe type, soft soles, resulting in easy to slip in the shoes, the shoes can not hang, so wearing a hole in the shoes to drive there are risks.

What is the safest way to wear a car? There is no strict standard for what is the safest way to drive a car. However, many casual shoe brands on the market have introduced driving shoes. The so-called driving shoes, as the name implies, are designed to be worn when driving. On the basis of traditional casual shoes, the shoe soles are subjected to special functions. The soles of the soles are spliced hrough the modules to improve the sensitivity of the soles of the feet, enabling the driver to press the accelerator and the brake pedal more accurately. Female friends put on flat shoes before driving to ensure driving safety. After changing shoes, remember not to place the replaced shoes under the driver's seat or next to the driver's seat (avoid rolling under the brake pedal). In addition, we must remind everyone to place the replaced shoes in the car, can not be placed under the driver's seat or driver's seat, to avoid the shoes rolled to the brake pedal and lead to accidents while driving the car.