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Wear can be perfect with white sandals "paired"

Nowadays is popular all white modeling, with any color sandals, the effect is less than white models. Fashionable people to pursue is "from white to foot" christian louboutin sneakers refreshing! With the essence of the print dress is simple and simple color, to avoid the whole body dazzling. And a pair of universal white sandals seem to be able to solve the wardrobe with all kinds of print dress with the problem. Vibrant color skirt, in the selection of sandals, need to grasp the fashionable color criteria. And shoes with red bottoms wild white models can save you time for you! As we all know, "white plus black" is always wrong with the classic match, and more than the black sandals more eye-catching white models, and can be formed with a white coat echoes.

To know, black and white and cowboy blue born is a perfect match, especially the visual more cool white, with nowadays wear a pair of denim shorts pants, proper hold all the clothes white sandals universal equally applicable to all kinds of pants Installed, whether it is roll christian louboutin shoes trousers legs exposed ankle, or long and heel of the micro-pants, or hole jeans, white sandals can easily cope with. Rough with or slope with the section of the belt shoes, christian louboutin sneakers and micro-pants, wide leg pants perfect match, wear out the modern woman's temperament