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Wardrobe must have three flat shoes, any occasion are not afraid

High heels seems to have been our girls exclusive, put it into a long leg you have to pay a lot of hard price, so many sister's closet flat shoes should be prepared a few pairs, especially out of play peace day Work or flat shoes the most comfortable, that in order to allow us to control any occasion, there are three flat shoes is our daily necessities, today Xiaobian give you to listen to the trend of comfortable leisure boots, ultra-comfortable flat, according to the human body Engineering design of the soles, both heels with red bottoms to meet the needs of the trend, but also shaping the tall body, two colors, black and generous, white and beautiful, super classic and elegant style, love shopping, how can you so little boots. Round the metal buckle design perfect interpretation of temperament, the upper is the use of high-quality patent leather, fashion classic style with personality design, the shoes from the shoe to the texture are very good, 2cm comfortable with high, pad feet deliberately use soft, Very comfortable, walking on foot is not tired feet, inclusive very good, need to wear some small work every day, just learn to wear high heels, wearing this are no pressure.

Fashion European style, the upper with ultra-fine skin, foot feeling soft and comfortable, the feet do not want to take off it, version is more praise the extreme, fashionable up up, black and purple stitching mysterious charm, black green stucco quiet Content, even the sections are fashionable up red sole shoes up, with jeans, casual pants, skirt, 2017 fashion style full. High-quality PU leather, the appearance of beautiful easy to care, soft and durable, the British style of the wind belt buckle decoration, personality modification, filling wild style, soles increased 3cm, elongated leg lines, natural rubber at the end, soft and Non-slip, the whole foot appears to be thin and small, with a small pants, baseball shirt, the most tide in the British Fan it Compared to the rounded head of the ballet shoes, pointed flat shoes more sharp modern means that it has a flat shoes comfortable, and also a high heels sexy, if you are sweet little girl has been dismissive, that mixed with Sexy and trendy pointed flat shoes, is the maid of the old spring street the best choice.

The upper use of high-quality PU, soft and delicate touch, breathable, and easy to clean, good texture is not easy to wrinkle, the choice of high-quality rubber made of large outsole, has a strong British atmosphere, more comfortable walking is not tired feet, Grind super, wine red, black two, super classic, with a shirt, jeans, retro British christian louboutin wind perfect show. Patent leather PU upper, full of texture, the appearance of smooth and tight, comfortable to wear, shoe body suture uniform fine, strengthen the Cthulhu, smooth lines, exquisite workmanship, with dynamic rhythmic tassels is the fashion trend of the vane, Rubbing rubber at the end of a very good flexibility and flexibility, stretching effect is good, so you walk comfortable and safe, three styles, classic wild, like MM do not miss Yo. High-end pu, soft and delicate cortex, breathable and comfortable, retro tassel decorated with bow, the atmosphere with a small sweet, pig skin material inside, comfortable and breathable not dull, wear rubber outsole, anti-skid wear, reduce foot fatigue So easy to walk, leisure wild show elegant and christian louboutin heels noble, like the MM do not miss Oh Comfortable round head, the hands do not squeeze feet, 3cm thick bottom, not only increased also cold, matched with the soles of the unique anti-skid lines, not only personality trendy, but also greatly increased the friction, walking to stabilize, black and white A color, with the color hit the magic buckle, hissing twice to go out, wear off the ultra-convenient, but also very small feet Oh.