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Up position! The earliest to wear high heels turned out to be a man!

Global luxury women's shoes, to help you take the ladies Fan Men christian louboutin heels have love plot, a woman is a beautiful shoe collector. Open the history of high heels, the first to wear high heels is actually a man. Persian man, in order to ride convenience, specially designed to the heel can be interlocked with the stirrup, the world's first pair of high heels was born. Later, the Persian cavalry invasion, the high heels with beautiful beauty, and now high heels to become the majority of women's essential goods, put on a pair of high heels, your body curve will be more perfect! . Wearing high heels can extend the leg lines, elongated height, but also allows you to wear out temperament and self-confidence, the United States do not want it ~ ~ If you are short MM, should choose high heels Oh, let you instantly turned Leg beauty, you can also modify your delicate feet charming. 2017 spring new, Europe and the United States Fan children pointed high heels, black suede, sexy fine with a waterproof platform of the shoes, with 12 cm high, flew into a long leg, wearing comfortable, high-end atmosphere, in the early spring season, with A wide leg pants, turned gorgeous princess!

Bare powder color high heels, wild pointed shoes, the use of exquisite materials, comfortable and breathable fine heels, white work every day to work, worry about wearing a tooling with what shoes? This one is the best tooling shoes, wear it you will become more confident Oh! This is the classic popular popular models, sexy, temperament, personality, on the grade, one of the women's preferred high heels, suitable for many occasions! Wedding, party shopping, work, etc., exquisite workmanship, quality assurance. Fashion elegant word heels with red bottoms buckle high heels, thin with waterproof table round round shoes, the national super-beautiful ultra-beautiful style! The goddess of the road have prepared a pair of the spring and autumn can not do not have the shoes to match the clothes, the feet were white, was thin feet long, the ideal slender feet is so simple! In this spring pink high heels is the best choice, fine with the tip of the hollow wild Korean shoes, it has the beginning of next year, single shoes pioneer, drainage louboutin shoes sale fashion shoes began to wear it not only high-end atmosphere, show women everything Temperament, fashion, and very suitable for high-end places Oh!

Silver fine with pointed high heels, gold flashing matte style, with a single shoe full of sexy fashion, pointed is the darling of the fashion industry, with high-quality flash powder fabric, style by the senior designer continuous improvement, sparkling shiny, Beauty stick bar da, was significantly thin! Beauty will be now! Lace straps high-heeled shoes, black sandals, sexy thin with red soles decoration, senior women's shoes designer design a new high-heeled shoes, pure black overall, simple and generous, fashion trends, coupled with personality Cross straps, piercing your feelings! Fashion metal word buckle pointed high heels, spring and autumn new sexy black fine with christian louboutin sneakers thin shoes, the use of exquisite fabrics, and comfortable material, not only to help women HOLD live any scene, but also to help them build a clean and neat modeling.