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To avoid louboutin shoes falling into the wrong shoes embarrassing shoes with 3 coup

When we are obsessed with the beauty of high heels to show the sexy, do not forget the women's first impression of men also include what you wear shoes. According to the men's shoes brand survey, women judge men's shoes than women more than 2 times. More than 64% of women from the shoes to determine whether this person is fashionable, 54% of women feel that wearing shoes to reflect the personality of this person, or even 36% of people think from the shoes can be seen that the man has no money. Black shoes do not have wide jeans we know a lot of people, and even a lot of Hollywood actor, will wear jeans with black shoes, no matter how expensive your jeans, black shoes, how advanced, do not wear so much. Do not deny this style has been popular for a while, but if you are not James Dean or supermodel, do not wear it so. If you have to christian louboutin sale do this, you see if the women will give you a big eye. christian louboutin red bottoms Do not wear white socks In addition christian louboutin to exercise, please do not wear white socks to match the shoes, regardless of your shoes are expensive, as long as the white socks will be coupled with an instant low. It is like you wear black leather shoes with a set of black suit but exposed white socks, just make people look quite . In addition to dark socks, you can also pick a few pairs of good-looking socks, but also highlights your personality.

Look at the belt with a pair of shoes when the body shape of the body is not much, so when you can grasp a focus, that is, according to the belt to pick the color of shoes, and vice versa. This is an old match with the criteria, but it is very classic and practical. In general, is black with black shoes, or can be extended to the light blue belt with blue shoes, are very appropriate.