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Tide children's favorite basic section boots are here!

Fashion outfit, not every item is dazzling, but there is a tight, Zhang Xian part of the existence of low-key part, which is the meaning of the basic paragraph exists. Especially as the body with quite important shoes, the basic models can dominate the world almost, with the full body to create a christian louboutin diverse style of dress! Everyone must have the basic models # Everyone must have a basic model, it allows us to switch freely in a variety of styles. Xiaobian today to share several basic models of girls boots, any one is a classic, any of your baby is the princess wind, or take the cool handsome route, or the diversity of these indispensable to the existence of these basic models! Martin boots use real leather fabric, soft surface, particularly comfortable on the feet, which is velvet, suitable for winter wear. Zip front zipper this style has been popular for a long time, but loved every year, this is the charm of the basic models it! British style is the wind has been a popular style guide, in the footwear category, patent leather boots are particularly popular carved. This Chelsea boots christian louboutin shoes sale selection glossy PU leather, especially significant taste! Many mothers are worried louboutin sale about patent leather shoes will be hard, baby wearing uncomfortable, these shoes will not oh, leather soft, soft and hard foundation, very comfortable!

Shoes are Xiaobian personal favorite style, do the old effect of free uninhibited, retro fashion. Can be described as the basic models of fashion models. Help surface is cowhide ingredients, ingredients are pigskin, the whole pair of shoes texture is quite good! Rubber outsole is able to see the strong and flexible. Everyone loves the basic section of boots, both mother and baby will probably love such a versatile wild style, not to mention the quality of these shoes and cost is so high! Full leather material, the foundation super soft, less effective than the big bad. It is important that the basic section of this popular is really super good ride! Short boots can be said that there is almost no design highlights, but such a simple style, always be able to match the ever-changing style, it is like a quiet child, not petting, but bring their own aura, light whole body with!

Compared to the above several simple boots, a highlight of this paragraph is the side bow, with louboutin sale it, the overall shape is biased toward sweet, for the growth of the woman is generally not exclusive style it! There are three colors, three kinds of thickness, this is to organize a baby's posture throughout the year it!