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Thick heels are the trend? In fact, fine heels is the protagonist!

The delicate heel shoes are known for their delicate and delicate roots, as well as the sexy maturity of the pointed head. They are loved by many women. However, in recent years, the emergence of rough heels with louboutin sale high heels is also very popular, and great catch up with the trend of fine heels. But to say that can show women's sexy charm or fine with high heels does not allow the advantage. Suede high-heeled shoes, their color can be kept longer, but also easy to clean. Suitable for skirts, trousers and other clothing. Pure color shoes red bottom shoes for men are generally more dignified and harmonious. So you can wear it to go to work or go to a party or go shopping. 5 cm high heel, shopping do not have to worry about tired feet. The ultra-fine roots lift the entire slender figure, and the louboutin sale pointed head looks mature and delicate. The height of 10 centimeters requires your extremely stable posture. If louboutin shoes you feel that your graceful figure is too ordinary, you may wish to try this lady's super high-heeled heel to add one point to your figure!

Suede high heels, as well as rhinestone squares on the upper, this rhinestone square buckle is one of the highlights of this pair of shoe uppers. The reasonable design and width are very comfortable to wear, and the height is also suitable. It will not be too tired to wear, and you can wear it at ordinary times! The entire pair of shoes are dark colors, which is easy to give people a low-key feeling. The first time you see this high heels must have been the same as Xiao Bian, how could there be so cute high heels, the bow behind it looks very cute, and from the front to see this high heel is pointed, both There is a sexy front, but also behind the lovely. This is a pair of perfect high heels! Very fine roots, people have to be careful to hold live, this is a process of training girls to walk, complete the shoes can be worn in the future is not afraid to wear, wear high heels girls walk is not the same as other people , more graceful and more charming! This high heel is relatively high, it is recommended that already skilled girls wear.