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Teach you how to choose your own shoes

If beautiful shoes don't fit, they may be thrown into the cold and never see the light of day. Unless you've got to collect them, leave them to women who can actually wear them. How to buy a shoe that fits you and your feet is actually not a difficult task. Buy shoes in the following steps. No problem.

Step1: Plan before you go out

Before shopping, it is best to clarify your shopping goals. For example, you need a pair of shoes to go to work or you need a pair of winter boots. If you have a goal, you can avoid spending money. If you don have a goal, you must calm down and go out shopping. To buy and buy, many times when shopping without a harvest will most likely result in buying a pile of pressure on the bottom of the box, the shoes are really useful to buy shoes, unless you intend to collect shoes like me, I am very red sole shoes welcome, oh ! Remember to wear well-worn shoes when shopping, or try to sweat your head if you try shoes!

Step2: Believe in Your Eyes

When shopping, we must choose the shoes with the first feeling. Of course, the first beauty shoes are the same as the first beauty. After a long time of appreciation, we can finally determine whether it is really beautiful. In the process, we must believe in ourselves. Look (it's better to read more of my articles!) Don't be disturbed by others. One thing to note: Try not to choose the most popular styles in the current quarter. For example, square-head shoes, pointed shoes, loose cream shoes, etc. have been popular in the past. These shoes are still bought as little as possible, and the trend of popular things is very fast. Today's epidemic becomes an anachronism and silver is wasted in vain. The reason is very simple. Buying 10 pairs of cheap pop shoes is not as good as buying 1 and 2 pairs of classic models of high-quality and versatile!

Step3: Look at the shoes will try

Many shoes are not the first ones. Maybe you are hesitating about it. It seems to be a little ordinary. It does not matter. Even if you try, the more you try, the more you will understand what kind of shoes you are fitting for. The more you have, the more confident you will be. There are so many shoes waiting to be picked up by you. You can seriously think about it, and you must pick the best one! A lot of shoes seem to be common but the effect on the feet is very good, so after putting on the shoes, you must see the overall effect from the big mirror. Don't wear it on your feet and look over it. You can see from the mirror whether the color of the shoes is suitable. Whether your skin color is suitable for your leg type and foot type is suitable for your style of dress. Even if you spend money, you must take it seriously!

When it comes to testing shoes, there are several important points:

1. According to your own shoes to try shoes, for example, your habit is to wear shoes without socks, it is best not to wear socks in the test shoes, do not have "the shoes are a bit large, after I wear a pair of socks pad Insole to support the idea of his, your habits will not easily change, and do not expect to buy a pair of shoes will change because of buying back.

2. When you try on shoes, don't just sit on the couch and look at it. You must put new shoes on red bottom heels both feet and christian louboutin heels walk around in the store to feel the feeling of your feet in the shoes. Because the shape of the foot in the suspended state and on the ground is completely different, the foot will become wider when the force is applied. The shoe needs to have enough space to accept the change of the ankle, but if the shoe walks up, it will deform or feel clips. If you have feet, it's best not to buy shoes like this. You don't need to say shoes that will be deformed. It's difficult to lip on the shoes?for a short period of time. It takes a long time to torture the ankles. Only after the baptism of the big blisters could the effect be achieved, I thought that the shoes had already been shelved.

3. The back of the shoe is a very important part. Many blisters are "pulled out" there. The heel can't louboutin heels reach the back of the shoe, the upper edge of the back help will cling to the foot, or the back help is too tight, etc. Is a poor performance of the shoe design, so when the test shoes must pay attention (including other parts of the shoes) there is no feeling of stuck feet, such as a certain part of the shoes will always fix a place to stomp, this way Do not buy shoes.

4. Do not be confused by the size of the number, whether it is Ouma or the United States shoe size, the size of the size of the shoe factory will be affected by the standard and design, many brands of shoe shoes code standards are not uniform, and even the same shoe size shoes may It's not the same size, so you can't try your shoes in accordance with your approximate shoe size. It's best to have a time spent on the big one. Try to find the one that suits you best, not the one that suits you best. . Do not avoid the idea that shoes are "big on". Wearing small shoes is one of the most likely causes of toe bone deformation!

Look at the mirror in front of you wearing new shoes, think about what kind of dress with them! After three steps, if you are very satisfied with this pair of shoes, you can pay for it! Although it may seem complicated to say so much, I believe that after you read it, you will feel that buying shoes is a great enjoyment.