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Straight men, your shoes for the season

Oxford shoes and Derby shoes look like, in the end what is the difference? Mainly to see where the tie is open or closed: Oxford shoes classic elegance, but Derby christian louboutin shoes sale shoes can adjust the upper elastic, less restrained. Oxford shoes, especially black, more formal, you can mix with business suits. Derby shoes more flexible, business meetings or leisure travel and other occasions are very suitable; especially suede suede Derby shoes more casual, more diverse colors, and with leisure models of narrow leg pants, shirts, Polo shirt, sweaters are No pressure.

Shoes also season Men do not mind this concept. Work suit with black shoes, jeans with sports shoes, basically all straight men's state. But today, I intend to introduce some casual shoes to you men, so that your family tired of the two pairs of shoes a little rest, but also let you put his wife out of the shoe rack to grab a little space. Simply to see where the lace is open red sole heels or closed. Oxford shoes classic elegance, but Derby shoes can adjust the upper christian louboutin sneakers elastic, less restrained. Derby shoes is also an important business men men shoes, business meetings or leisure travel and other occasions are very suitable, compared with the black Oxford shoes, with the dress with more flexibility. Sailing shoes is one of the best men in summer, it is comfortable, breathable, non-slip, can drain, easy to wear off. You can wear it to boating, fishing, shopping, and even the last class is no problem.

Want more changes, you can choose the Navy color, such as red and white color is quite classic. Suitable for a variety of college style clothes, casual narrow leg pants, jeans, shorts, show the sun and vitality. Probably you also know that Peas shoes is to let you wear when driving, so people are very delicate, in fact, not suitable for a long time to walk. But soft suede, soles of rubber beans can make the driver better control the throttle brakes, even if the long driving will not be tired. "A pair of specifically bought shoes to drive," the concept of laid it is a luxury. First of all, you have red bottom shoes for women a good car. Second, to specifically with a pair of shoes to force. In particular, Peas shoes difficult to maintain the suede fabric, absolutely not suitable for walking in the rain or mud, basically for the "feet do not touch" the design of men.