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Office workers wear suitable running shoes, christian louboutin heels you can become a running expert

Mention "running essential", what do you think of? Most of the runners of the answer should be running shoes, the jacket can not be very cool, clothes can not burn, pants long point seems to be acceptable ... ... However, there is no pair of comfortable feet running shoes, how can you! Like the first impression of people, the appearance is a lot of people running shoes when the first concern, but it is low-key introverted, or passionate wild, is a wonderful pick, or simple and simple, benevolent see benevolence, it is not good to express their views. However, to remind you that in the choice of running shoes, the absolute can not be table "confused" look only at the appearance of other factors must also be taken into account. The designer's source of inspiration and the steel structure and the construction of the rope to maintain a strong order in the city, which is the shoes of the shoe design inspiration, unique tongue design as if the rope was drawn and tilted, revealing A stubborn perseverance. In the usual wear shoes, often have such a sentence "small, wear loose", but this sentence does not apply to running shoes. Running shoes can not wear on the fit, and buy a small not only wearing uncomfortable, but also cause unnecessary running during the sports injury. So, when you buy a running shoes can be slightly more than usual to wear shoes in the first half of the code, but must not buy a small. General running friends in the choice of running shoes, very little attention to the material problem, but the red bottom shoes for women material is also a consideration of the indicators yo - different materials may affect the softness of running shoes, breathable perspiration, whether durable, And other factors, and even revealed that the shoes are value for money, interested in running friends may wish to understand some of the material problems. Comfort louboutin heels is the most talk about the needs of running friends, after all, whether it can be happy to run with the running shoes are comfortable with the most direct relationship. So, running friends in the decision to buy a pair of shoes before, be sure to try on the feet, try to do a few bounce, run in situ, feel the shoes are fit, comfortable. If it is obvious that this pair of shoes wearing uncomfortable, such as: soles have unreasonable bulge, some of the internal over the air, the upper part of a too tight or too much pressure ... ... so, even if the shoes Shape and then look good, or its function was shopping guide blowing again and again smallpox fall, do not spend the money wasted. Soles are also a factor to consider when buying shoes, outsole (with the ground contact layer) mainly to consider its wear, slip resistance; in the end (the bottom of the soles of the main part of the thickness), flexibility and function, often According to the weight of running friends, training content, foot situation, running habits may be, but too thick will affect the running flexibility, too thin is not conducive to the buffer and the resistance of the shoe itself, so the general choice of the thickness of the bottom 1 ~ 2cm can be.

Now a lot of running shoes will be integrated into some of the main push function to meet the needs of different runners, in the selection of the main reference is the running foot of the situation and the usual running or walking habits. Bionic octopus at the end of the strong grip for a variety of occasions, deep soles bent groove, creating a natural movement effect and smooth and efficient pace experience, combined with our smart louboutin shoes chip experience data analysis, somatosensory games, friends ranking, route The record of various functions, suitable for fashionable young and dynamic sports and leisure running running shoes.