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Men are loaded shoes, see this one is enough

Men in the workplace and social emphasis, to attend a variety of meetings, or to participate in various ceremonies, dress shoes are essential. Wearing a dress shoes reflect a man's behavioral attitude, etiquette and even social status, a pair of suitable and goods of the dress shoes can play the role of finishing touch. Oxford shoes is the most basic, a lot of people life is the first pair of shoes are starting from it. Oxford shoes from the 17th century British Oxford University began popular men's shoes style, was originally popular in Scotland and Irish country shoes, Oxford University boys first from the boots into a half boots, and eventually become today we See the exposed style of the ankle, in the complex manual revealed a low-key elegant human feelings, outline the elegant gentleman style. Derby shoes (Derby) the name from the 19th century British fourteenth Derby Earl. His feet are too wide, not into the slender Oxford shoes, so his exclusive shoemaker for his big feet to develop this open-type lapel lace red bottom heels shoes. Compared with Oxford shoes, Derby shoes in the formal level of a little inferior, but wearing more convenient and comfortable, but also a very suitable for casual dress with the shoe type.

Blucher (Blucher) and Prussian Army Marshal Brcker some origins. To the 19th century, the army also wear long boots, mourning in the wet mud day is very troublesome. In order to make the soldiers march more comfortable, Marshal Brcker made improvements to the boots: an increase of shoelaces, ankle below the two leather from the heel until the instep and tied up with shoelaces. So easy to wear off, you can adjust the louboutin outlet elastic, foot width of the soldiers will not squeeze the foot. In fact, in many places, Derby shoes and Brussels shoes, the two words are mixed, but in fact there are subtle differences: Derby shoes flaps are independent, sewn on the upper, and Brancheer shoes The flaps and the upper are a whole piece of leather. (Ogi think you look like, do not have to care about, because it is really hard to distinguish O monk shoes different from Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Brussels shoes, the most obvious feature is not shoes Body structure, but it is not tied. The monk's shoe's upper cover covers three quarters of the instep, from which the inside is stretched one or a piece of leather in the lateral direction, and is covered on the instep, and then one or two parallel buckles are used in christian louboutin shoes sale the lateral ankle. The word "Loafer" is the word "Loafer", and the word "Loaf" means an idle way of life, and Loafer represents a group of people who have this leisurely attitude towards life. [1] Le Fu shoes, most refers to the lack of lace or low to help the shoes, is easy to wear easy to escape, is the classic men's shoes style.