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Little white shoes adventure!

There is a pair of small white shoes, it does not know when they began to exist in this world, I do not know where to come from. But it knows where he will go, what will be done, what will become. So, its ideal is to travel around the world, is committed to serving others, in order to achieve their own value. So, the white shoes of the 2017 journey began. White shoes, the first station will put themselves as a wild sports shoes. Rubber soles, the surface of the outer surface of the leather, ultra-fine fiber inside, round head of the toe, with the end of the flat, committed to providing fashion for others leisure, comfortable foot is not tired foot full service.

This second station small white shoes choose a loose cake at the end of wild shoes. The same rubber sole as the first stop, round head of the toe. Different attempts to have the appearance of the material to the film, the first christian louboutin heels layer of leather inside the material and to help the surface material and the bottom of the cake style. Resistant to wear is not afraid of grinding, permeability is very good. After two trips, small white shoes from which to understand a lot, but also learn a lot of creative ideas. So this third trip small white shoes decided to a big transfiguration. First is this color, from the white has changed into rice, gray, black, the surface is also decorated with some patterns in the above; second is this version of the type, but also replaced the shoes, thicken the bottom, so that it wear more comfortable some. Since the big transfiguration, it may wish to try a few styles. Small white shoes in this third journey began the attempt to Harajuku wind. The design of the upper pattern hit the color design, to make people shines, in the continuation of the classic road, retains the classic charm, but also do not forget to join the fashion elements nowadays, which may not be on the comfort experience Right now.

Said it would not be on the comfort experience, this one style is also one of them. There is a saying goes: shoes are not suitable, only the feet know. Is really the truth. This heels with red bottoms style is the thick bottom soft leather, the first layer of pig skin to help the surface material, the yarn inside the material, both breathable, and comfortable and relaxed. The fourth leg is a wild casual flat shoes, small white shoes here is probably the reason: it is the first trip with the little white shoes somewhat similar. louboutin sale There is a saying: miss, past, are good memories. Along the way, small white shoes looked back at their own way, seen the scenery, and sometimes can not help but generous. It is a kind of feeling that it is a kind of feeling that it is a kind of courage to look to the future. Small white shoes of the journey goal has not yet christian louboutin shoes sale completed, so it is the fifth station is the leisure increase in loose shoes. The biggest highlight of the journey is that small white shoes have increased inside, since then, small white shoes no longer tiptoe to see the scenery. The scenery has seen, in mind, carved in the mind, but the journey is not over. Small white shoes to pack up again, starting from the sixth station. The sixth station came to the lace with a thick flat with the Department of shoes, a small white shoes have a familiar feeling, this feeling half from the type of service it has served, half of the new challenges from the edge of colorful shoes.