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Is love in the summer step on a pair of beautiful sandals

Want to believe there are a lot of sister who have been very suspicious of the sandals started last year it! Although you can wear, but it is very unhappy there is no see now summer will soon come to our side, friends must have been eager to want to buy several super beautiful sandals, and today to follow Xiaobian see a Look at new sections of sandals this year! Word buckle pointed sandals. The most powerful point of this sandals is the use of color material, pink gradually into a silver posture really beautiful, gestures between the elegant and beautiful scenery, you have to believe that pointed shoes has always been the most test of a woman's temperament Oh! Mori text art flat sandals. This is a can take you everywhere waves of flat sandals, full of leisure Fan, absolutely not tired of Kazakhstan! Lace elements plus holes fringe elements on the very aesthetic, full of the Department of the text of the text can certainly make you the United States and the United States out of the street.

Velcro Bean tendon soft sandals. Did not expect the original there are magic stickers sandals it! Full of leisure Fan super sticks, friends do not have to worry about the foot, completely flat version of the design so that you louboutin sale completely no christian louboutin for men pressure, coupled with the full range of hollow design is absolutely Oh! Small square head shallow mouth with sandals. A little red bottom shoes bit in the height of the heel is also very high version of the type, especially the elegant temperament Fan full of small square head design, but also a little retro small meaning, there is a sense of compactness and texture burst suede suede material, Praise it! Slope with fish mouth shoes. Fish mouth shoes is a more common sandals, even if you are fleshy feet can easily control this sandals, small flowers with a big bow is louboutin shoes sale really a sense of design, but my sister who must be coated in advance Nail polish Oh! Flat rosewood Roman shoes. Like this T-shaped strap design, minutes and minutes to wear a sense of bursting drift, coupled with cool feeling full of metal chain design, coupled with super-temperament of the T-type buckle really is absolutely, quietly tell you also Especially light Oh! Straps retro Roman shoes. This is a cross-to the ankle design really super-thin legs, black is also a super lining color of a, simple buckle design easy to wear, is the hot summer of this year! Sophisticated suede material easy to create temperament elegant sense.

White Baotou high-heeled sandals. This Europe and the United States wind full of high-heeled sandals let you seconds to transform the tide Fan Xiaoda people, simple version of the type of both shopping or work are super good-looking rhythm, more importantly, was thin and high, feminine! Sexy fish mouth with sandals. A very feminine fine sandals, tight sense of bursting the tip of the design of the mouth to ask you to the best, simple Dingzi buckle design is also very easy to wear, easy to show your most sexy posture, really is very Bravo!