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Increase the small white shoes with a long section of sweater, a small man to wear!

Small girls have been worried about their long clothes will appear to be proportional to christian louboutin sale the proportion of uncoordinated, in fact, if the match with a good no need to worry. Today Xiaobian recommended with a long paragraph is a long coat of clothing with shorts and inside the small white shoes. So wear youth by age, while highlighting a pair of long legs Oh! christian louboutin heels This is a small white shoes super beauty, first of all its fabric is the first layer of leather, different from the kind red sole shoes of cheap shoes, this pair of shoes permeability is very good, rubber sole non-slip and wear. Say it is the effort, this is a pair of high shoes, looks no different with ordinary shoes, but secretly you look taller, outside to see to the 2.5CM, inside the shoes With 1.5CM, a full high 4CM, but very low-key Oh! The color of a small white shoes and small black shoes, are the popular color of the past two years style. The first layer of small white shoes shoes, delicate and generous simple, comfortable and comfortable to wear. Sophisticated round head design, good wear will not squeeze feet, toe very fine texture can play the role of non-slip. Shoes on the pattern is also very nice, simple and not monotonous, with the clothes are wild models. There are two styles, the main colors are white, but the pattern on the subtle differences, a black one brown, you can see the baby's personal preferences.

Very high a piece of shoes Oh, in front of the heel is 3CM, the heel height is 5CM, will appear to be a lot of the whole people, the key is that it is not like the general high heels, looks very Delicate look good white shoes, wear is also very comfortable, that is, very high sense of low-key Oh The bottom of the shoe is not very hard, so there will be no burden to wear on the walk. This is very different from the common movement of the Jackets, with the necklace zipper, is not a cool coat, before and after the stitching, and this color is also fully consistent with the design of the port, the cuff made a tight, hem also drawstring Pull the design of such a better degree of defense, the fabric is made of rain that kind of material, and this dress there are big hats, hat at the drawstring, neckline zipper are details, very good match, MM can be used with leggings or jeans Oh. Hood design, sports wind full, casual personality, the predecessor of large pocket design, breaking the single and boring, behind the personality pattern patch stitching design, the background also have the trend of personality, threaded cuffs, elastic and comfortable, inside fleece, warm and comfortable, clothes The main classic black, with jeans, hot pants are a good choice.

Oversize version of the type, cover the upper body defects, do not pick the body, Puff Sleeve design so that the overall cool style added a playful, beautiful yellow, super-face white, with bell-bottoms, hot pants wild full, Root yarn skirt wild with a trace of sweet, so you easily change the goddess. A oversize of the sweater, pure white background + star print, upper body super color, hood design, wearing comfort and reveal the beautiful neck curve, bat sleeve playful and age, upper body was thin, chest small Dwarf printing, colorful, with hot pants, chiffon skirt, lovely wind ready to come out. And the previous Xiaobian recommended sweater is different, this dress is really type, super long sleeves and ultra-short upper body of the cut, the legs were long to no friends, cotton and good wash, a little deformation did not It, five colors of pure color wind, simple and wild, wearing and , hoods can not only warm, concave shape red sole shoes is also very good it