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How to maintain genuine leather shoes? Look at it right now

New shoes to wear a very comfortable to wear, others are also good, they are also very satisfied with this, in order to better use of leather shoes, so pay attention to the maintenance of leather shoes should pay attention to the following points: less contact with water, Leather is easy to deform leather, fade, suture is easy to break. If you louboutin sale have been stained with water, should be promptly dry and rub on shoe polish. But be careful not to oil when the shoes are wet. Keep the shoes clean, the best brush every day, such as temporary cast shoe polish, you can also use vegetable oil instead, but vegetable oil can not use too much, otherwise it will be contaminated with dust, affecting the appearance. For light-colored shoes, you can first use a lemon shoes with red bottoms juice brush a brush, and then shoe polish, red bottom shoes for men so that the shoes can be bright as new. Do not wear when to be placed in a dry and cool place, can not be placed in the wet or hot, do not dry in the sun for a long time to prevent mold or brittle. Such as the discovery of mold point, the shoes can be placed in the sun first, and then clean, do not wipe with a damp cloth.

To prevent fade. Formaldehyde 1 part (purity 30%) dissolved in 3 parts of water, with this water solution brushing the upper, dry and then brushing the shellac glue (1 shell of shellac, 10 alcohol), so fade phenomenon will be reduced The In addition, usually wear less when louboutin shoes playing hard objects, often with shoe polish brush can also effectively prevent the upper fade, to extend the service life.