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How to choose the right sports shoes? Did you make it?

When you intend to start running exercise, an important thing is to understand their feet, and then buy a pair of feet in line with their own characteristics of running shoes. Only then your exercise will be carried out smoothly, get results, while avoiding injury. Choosing athletic shoes is not very complicated, just follow the steps below. According to the different characteristics of the characteristics of sports shoes can be divided into the following 5: 1, control action class: suitable for moderate to severe inversion foot, and the higher weight of people, it can improve the runners on the heel and running control , And christian louboutin heels can support the arch site. The external characteristics of the arch is thickened, the weight of the shoes medium emphasis. 2, shock absorption pad class: suitable for running skills better, with the forefoot or middle of the floor, with the soles of the red sole shoes feet and the outside of the runners. The weight of the shoes is medium and the sole is thick. 3, stable class: suitable for mild to moderate valgus foot type, with red bottom shoes the middle of the foot and outside the support runners. The weight of the shoe is medium. 4, the game class: suitable for running technology is good, lighter weight or feet slightly turning runners use. The weight of the shoe is lighter. 5, off-road category: soles thicker, deep groove, suitable for land, forest and other natural ground running when wearing. The weight of the shoe christian louboutin for men is heavy.

聽聽Knowing the function of the sneakers after analyzing your foot type "wet foot test" can help us determine the foot type. Wet feet test "is the foot of the water after the tread on the dry ground, and then according to the shape of the foot of the foot into the following three types of foot height normal, footprints have a large arc but not interrupted in the running Usually to the outside of the heel to the ground, and then rolling to the inside to slow down the impact, and finally the transition to full feet of the foot type and normal weight of the runners from the kinematics is highly efficient, you can choose a semi-curved type of stability Or foot cushion is full of feet, so full footprints, the entire foot will be printed on the ground.Pingding people often in the running side of the heel to the ground, and then too much to the inside of the rolling, the formation of varus. If there is no correction, many excessive wearable joint injuries may occur. Flat foot runners should choose straight or semi-curved type, with specially reinforced foot arch pad shoes to reduce the degree of varus. Shock is too thick, or curved running shoes. Footprint outside the very narrow, almost interrupted, the arch of the internal space is very large. This foot is usually inward rolling when the buffer is not enough Slow down the absorption of impact energy and obvious. This type of foot should choose type shock absorber padded, curved or semi-curved shoe. Bendable soles of the feet should be better to increase the range of activities, to avoid Stabilized shoes.