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High heels to buy a lot of stress, you have to know oh

High heels have become every woman must have a single product, no matter what the season has its shadow, but the choice of high heels is a lot of tips, you have to know, today Xiaobian take you to find out about it! Buy high heels can be a lot of stress, you have to know oh! 1, choose the right time to buy shoes, shoes is to ensure that the key to fit.

It is best to choose shoes between 3pm and 6pm because your feet will swell a little at this time, and if the size you choose is not too small at the moment, there is no problem wearing the rest of the day.

2, the choice of breathable material shoes, is the key to ensuring comfortable feet.

To wear high heels comfortable, shoes material is the key. Should be preferred breathable, sweat-absorbent function and flexibility are good, surface, at the end of all leather shoes. Such shoes to wear, with their own foot shape is more consistent, do not cover their feet, and will not rattle.

3, choose soft and flexible soles, is the key to ensure easy walking.

Soft and flexible soles, not only more evenly distributed impact, but also play a "walk away" role, walking more far away when more relaxed and comfortable.

4, choose the ideal size of the shoes, is to ensure the health of the foot.

The ideal size of the shoes should be: ten toes can be free to move in the shoes, comfortable cushion and moderate interior space; shoe surface and the curvature of the depression at the foot is very fit, ankle and toe touch shoes; The forefoot must have some room for activity, the best toe toe toe toe and toe after the shoes can also reach into the distance between a finger, the size of the most appropriate.

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