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Has been wearing shoes, but you know the structure of the shoes do you

Fabric: popular interpretation of "the first thing to see the shoes of the things", fabric material is divided into: leather materials, fabrics, PU, ltra-fiber, etc., generally to these materials to make the main fabric. Inside: commonly known as "Lippi". Under normal circumstances boots, spring and autumn shoes are basically some sandals do red sole shoes not necessarily have. Inside material is divided into: Pili, PU, elvet fabric and so on. (Small knowledge: the general inside the leather: the pig skin for the majority, because the pig skin soft, foot and the price is also red bottom heels the most affordable leather cheap.) Knowledge link: the best leather, wear, the price is also the most Ok. Followed by sheepskin, softer. General winter boots special use of this material. The last is the pig skin, and soft and contact with the skin more comfortable, it used in the inside. So the price is the cheapest of the three. Waterproof platform: divided into the water table, two outside the water table. Also known as "dwarves increase Taiwan." The main role of the waterproof platform: "from an increase in height."

In the end: commonly known as "shoes skeleton." Playing the role of louboutin heels the stereotypes and support the middle of the middle of a piece of steel (said: "hook heart") to support the entire shoe. Heel: heel height of the shoes, requiring the end of the steel and the hardness must be very good, or else there will be with the problem. If the high heels do not wear a heel. Tianpi: hundred percent many sellers have not heard of this, and some say what is "small with" "skin care ah" and so on. I have never heard of, remember: generally heels, if the shoes are of good quality, the factory will basically be accompanied by a pair of skins in the shoe box. Outsole: "contact with the ground stuff". Generally divided into: leather outsole, leather bottom, rubber bottom, tendon bottom and so on. The actual production to "rubber bottom" mainly high-end shoes using leather outsole. Leather, but very expensive Oh, red bottom shoes for women a pair of tens of dollars to be in the factory workers do not care if the skin was dirty, and that can be finished, that is, to the last process packaging into the box, but also demolition The new for the end ah, because the quality is the life of the enterprise ah So, leather shoes are generally very expensive. In the base skin: commonly known as "insoles", "pad feet." Shoes constitute the main material is divided into face, bottom, in the three blocks.