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Girls wear short boots, 3 mistakes, the first one often trick!

The autumn and winter of louboutin pumps the new year has come, last year's shoes have been allocated this year even more beautiful you! So, the girl's shoes is not the change it? Girls wear short boots, 3 mistakes, the first one often trick! Why do girls wear trousers when wearing crotch crumpled into the mouth? Wear such a mistake, it will appear that your ankle swelling, thick, but also particularly leg thick legs! There are always a pair of shoes, so that you first look beautiful to the heart. The delicate scrub shoes of this shoe, handsome wild, super feel. The design of the zipper outside the christian louboutin shoes shoes, designed for lazy people to wear off very convenient, tassel decoration, dynamic! A woman handsome, I can not hold it. This is a very handsome shoes, divided into two kinds of short tube and tube design, to meet the different needs of girls. The classic lace, more simple and stylish. Mashup gives the feeling of a light weight, really short leg! Want to create nine body, the same color is the first choice to wear.

A pair of story boots, walk with you thousands of miles. This boots uppers after special treatment, but also a kind of original retro texture. Friction shoes round head, full and straight, with the classic black series, more wild trend. Chelsea boots trend, is the benchmark of fashion. This boots, pick the last type, simple atmosphere, is a combination of fashion and texture. Booties split mouth design, both practicality and style sense! Small girls want to increase the mood, I understand, but in order to increase the wear thick, hate boots, will only look funny, uncoordinated, there is no beauty ah! In fact, the best height of the shoes do not exceed one-third of the lower leg. This autumn and winter because of a pair of boots and not mediocre. Shoes made of high quality leather, soft and comfortable, wear durable. Boots hidden 4CM heel, increased significantly thinner, more slender legs Oh ~ we have to do is to break the stereotyped, give you a different trend experience. red bottom shoes for women This boots unique square design, simple atmosphere, red bottom shoes for women beautiful fashion. Ingenious combination of upper and sole, higher and more comfortable, more fashionable style.