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Fun sports style, comfortable and stylish

From the beginning of the summer of popular sports wind, as if to make fashionable sperm saw another new world, formerly known as the fashion insulated pants and sports shoes, are now irresistible momentum toward the fashion circle, so when the elegant coat Run into a relaxed and comfortable small white shoes, formal sexy smoking plus sports wide-leg pants, the original movement of the wind mix and match, so attractive. Of course, sports style does not mean that you wear a sportswear to run out of the whole body, its essence lies in the finishing touch of a single product, such as the lower body sweatpants, to match your upper body formal and with the flow of suit jacket, is not it All of a sudden let the whole have a different charm? This time you can also wear a pair of pointed high heels on your feet, can be described as the ultimate mix and match the wind. There are very feminine dress, in fact, you can mix and match a sporty style, but can give birth to a different personality, casual style dress with sports shoes may be very common, but you do not know is that high-level dress dress with exquisite On the shoes will also show a different beauty, it can neutralize part of the feminine temperament, and let you have free and immediate beauty.

If the summer missed the mix of sports wind you, taking advantage of the winter at the end of the year, to catch the last train of this wave of sports cars, the use of sports wind single product, to embellish the unique christian louboutin shoes charm of you. Red sweatpants with white stripes along the edge of the decoration, as well as the following beam design, is not like a child you are ashamed and complained about the school uniform pants, but now it is a very stylish single product, the red itself A stock atmosphere and enthusiasm, demonstrated vitality and easily reduced age, the material is smooth and textured Roman cloth, very personal, and ultra-high waist design, leggy long tool. Lovely soft small round neck, simple but practical, more modified face, a unique sense of cotton shoes with red soles fabric layer of air, very flexible, warm and comfortable at the same time, stylish atmosphere. The overall style of the wild black and white, and neckline and cuffs added a few colors hit the color design, thus breaking the original boring, coupled christian louboutin with the collar ribbon design, show the trend of hip-hop Fan children. Jacket is a very rare fabric, so very textured, oversize version of the bf style, wearing a cool street girl's feeling, and in the hem and drawstring design can be adjusted, so it does not Too loose, high collar design, suitable for the collar pulled to the red sole shoes highest, if the zipper opened inside with a long t, but also very personal.