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Every girl should have a pair of crystal shoes

Everyone may have heard the "Cinderella" fairy tale it: beautiful Cinderella riding a pumpkin carriage to participate in the prince's dance, but one to twelve will be restored to the original shape. Cinderella hurriedly ran home but has been a beautiful crystal shoes, the prince with this crystal shoes to find the Cinderella and then happy life together. Cinderella crystal crystal clear, the United States people suffocate, but not everyone can wear this shoe, only its real master for its size. Although we are not Cinderella, but we also have their own crystal shoes.

Why do women want to buy so many shoes, they only christian louboutin shoes sale have two legs, and shoes in the shoe are almost no less. Women buy shoes not only to wear on the feet, but also according to the different clothes, the season there are different styles of this year's different styles and decide what kind of shoes to wear. Amy is the nature of a woman. Or why do you use the United States to describe the majority of women? A simple skirt, a pair of open-toed high-heeled shoes, obviously no complicated with but it looks so elegant, feminine is also naturally revealed, who looked will be attracted to it. A simple strap tied to the ankle on the high pull the legs of the curve, and the inclination of the shoes can also modify the shoes with red soles calf of the problem, make cl shoes your feet look slender and straight. The same straps but the straps will affect the number of shoes directly to the people feel, more straps of shoes are also some of them, and hidden some of the retro taste, like the ancient Greek boots for a long time And the outside of the cloth is corroded after the remaining metal shelves, mysterious and sexy.

Like high-leucorrhea shoes and sexy little black dress with the match, which makes sexy with a little retro beauty, she can and other clothing with this does not affect her beauty. Leather shoes this is more professional wind, full of workplace strong woman's momentum. But the shoes are more and more design is the transformation, become very different, can be a small fresh, can be art, it can be retro, you want what kind of small shoes can meet your Claim. Want a unique and elegant can try this blue and white stitching small shoes, flat toe, smooth fabric, beautiful appearance, simple and generous. In the workplace is always to appear to have the momentum can not be bullied, to be superior and so will not be low. Control more than ten centimeters of high heels, although there will be some difficulty, but it can christian louboutin sneakers enhance the competent feeling, people think you are a strong woman.