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Elegant temperament spring shoes, christian louboutin heels piercing high sense of feeling

Long winter quietly left, warm sun brought spring and vitality. Heavy snow boots were taken off, to a pair of occasional shoes to accompany you through the spring is worth looking forward to. A pair of good shoes not only to be good to see, fit is also very important, today we recommend eight comfortable and wild temperament shoes, each pair can wear out the goddess Fan. The overall feeling of the shoes is very casual, the upper is the use of the first layer of leather, leather fabric is not only comfortable and breathable wear-resistant, easy to clean. Inside the increase in the small machine is simply short of the ghost of the gospel Yeah, stretch the legs long, see your big legs. Shoes are biased in favor of the British Academy wind, soles are not common we are very flat at the end, the soles have 3.5 cm just right height, very temperament at the same time better wear. Leather surface material is the selection of high quality artificial rub color PU leather, no longer rigid in the color of the monochrome sense of solid color, tassel bow design girl heart full.

Large round buckle to make this pair of shoes is very eye-catching, this shoe design is very biased in Europe and America minimalist, very hard workmanship, soles tendons tendon soles, non-slip and soft and comfortable, Is the legs easily sweat sister's favorite. Take advantage of the holidays to let yourself take a good rest, while let your feet also relax it, flat soles of the feet so that you have to go every step solid christian louboutin sneakers and powerful, leather dough let your wear time rain and rain, solid color Shoes, random and generous, go shopping to go so long are so comfortable. Although now left the campus full of memories, but the heart always lived with a little girl do not want to grow up, the shoes are college flat soles to lively you bounce freely, bow and tassel ah fashion with a very small girl Feelings, whether with short skirts or jeans, can wear clothing young girls taste. Single shoes in the basic section, comfortable heel and leather inside the foot is very comfortable, so you louboutin outlet put on a whole day are not willing to take off, tired of too much decoration shoes, to a pair of simple shoes, relative In the pure color shoes, the upper has a large round buckle, so that shoes will not be so monotonous.

Small white shoes with lightning speed swept most of the fashion network red circle, the overall design of christian louboutin sneakers small white shoes is very simple, there is not a trace of too much decoration. A pedal of the flat white shoes wearing a lot of occasions, easy to wear off at the same time also extremely wild, whether with a skirt or pants are giving a touch of fresh feeling. Minimalist black and white shoes, metal buckle simple decoration so that shoes low-key and texture, the preferred fabric, so you can clearly see the texture of the leather track, how long it is easy to appear embarrassing crease, Ergonomic last design better wrapped feet.