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Dress with high heels, women christian louboutin heels become goddess

Which girls do not have a skirt, girls wear a dress, if the match is a young girl with the shoes, if you want to change immediately temperament, then we should choose a pair of high heels. Dress with high heels, you will not have a girl's childish, but a few more mature woman's aura. Dress with the skirt when the most wrong way is to choose a pair of shoes with the same color, even if the same color of shoes is also possible. The same color of high heels will make you full of integrity, if you want to mix more color, you can choose with some accessories, weigh yourself. Printed dress design was a bit complicated, and then choose a full design sense of shoes, make you look very messy, then it is better to choose a solid color high heels, sweet and cute, with a pair of white high heels, Want more charming mystery, you can choose red or black. The design of a beautiful dress, overall skirt with soft lace fabric, christian louboutin red bottoms the above leaves and flowers patterns, together with butterflies and flowers embroidery elements, simply do not be too sweet. Neckline and cuff lace stitching echoes. Around the flowers are surrounded by, like a beautiful flower Fairy.

If you want to wear a dress piercing the gas field, in fact, hit the color shoes is the best choice. A solid color dress with a pair of red stiletto, instantly you can make the sexy, if a plain dress, you can match a pair of black high heels, there will be a moment of the aura of the aura. The design of shoes is full of care machine, shallow mouth design, can visually stretch the legs of the line; pointed shoes with red bottoms high heels are standard women, coupled with the thin heel, so you feminine. The heel of a shoe and the ornament of flowers are one of its highlights. High heels with christian louboutin thick heel design, even if the first contact with high heels sister, can hold live, more importantly, not too high heel, even stand a whole day will not feel tired. To join the shoes straps, wrapped around the ankle, tied into a bow shape, simply do not be too sweet.

Wavy body lines, modified the foot line, while adding some interesting. A buckle to join your ankle, more sexy and charming. Dresses and high heels with, will make you instantly change their temperament, whether you are the second element Meng sister or a girl, just put it on, it will make you change feminine.