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Classic wild canvas shoes, do you know its origin?

Canvas shoes to wear more, but you know the origin of canvas shoes? Comments area message or the United States and the United States wearing a photo to share with Xiaobian, have the opportunity to let you Taobao headlines, and Xiaobian article side by side Oh, of course, there may be fine gifts waiting for you ~ canvas shoes birth time is In 1917, at that time is the war, the market, only the rubber and canvas material, so people put these materials into a canvas shoes, when the canvas shoes is characterized by cheap, wear-resistant,

A pair of durable canvas shoes for several years no bad, although it is always too ugly, thinking of hitting it badly and then go home with her mother said the shoes bad new, but back to the shoes always with a look Strong stubborn eyes tell me, think I replaced me? Not so easy! Before the heart to read the want to replace the canvas shoes, but to grow up but then re-ready to find the canvas shoes, you can not wear a canvas shoes, do not look good, maybe you need only a match. Very modified legs curve of tight jeans, easy to wear small legs, high waist abdomen hip, to create a perfect body curve, the new hole elements are filled with youth leisurely lazy elements.

Classic canvas shoes style, classic version of the wild type of leisure, small white shoes is a very good match, white PU stripes modified, even retro style, nice and good ride High canvas shoes than the low to louboutin pumps help shoes, more suitable for those ankle thick girls Oh, the ankle parts wrapped, modified legs, with curling jeans, rolled up trousers, fashionable and youthful. Micro-bell pants in this spring is also very popular Oh, modified calf details, irregular burr even more casual casual, simple and easy, black jeans is very thin, the legs outline more type.

Looks very nostalgic retro feeling, put on a nostalgic feeling after, the classic version of the type than canvas shoes more flavor, as if back to the past years, good goods, worth having. Wide leg pants is a very wild kind of pants, with the same jeans can be with a lot of shoes with, with canvas shoes christian louboutin sale when the choice of white better, black pants and white shoes in contrast, it is simple and clean. Mobile pants christian louboutin red bottoms type wear very comfortable and comfortable, side of the fork design style with lazy, walking when the legs reveal the skin, sports wind full, side painted color christian louboutin heels design, split the leg lines, great Stretched the sense of length, super thin