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  • Autumn and winter out of concave shape, there is the boots invincible!

    Shoes for a woman is particularly important, whenever the delicate woman has a fine to impeccable boots, shoes for women is like a second face. A lot of short girls through a pair of fine boots to improve the proportion of body, but also to make the whole person's gas field becomes extraordinary, even if a small body can wear clothing goats model gas field, you did not think of it, Then you choose to choose a long time you will certainly love the boots it! Insole with the first layer of pigskin, with deodorant anti-sweating and other benefits, soles soft, wear, light is not tired feet! Elastic knitted fabric material of the shoe, wearing comfortable, very good inclusive, in the course of walking will not wear feet. Slope with the shape of the heel is a sense of design, from the heel has been extended to the soles of the anti-skid christian louboutin heels design, both visual beauty, and non-slip. Wearing a comfortable can be regarded as a pair of good shoes, he red sole shoes will give you the goddess Fan, the entire socks boots design, the feet are very charming, clean temperament black with a good, how to see also see not greasy, wear tire , Have their own unique temperament, different personality to christian louboutin red bottoms wear, will have their own style.

    Short boots, with simple body black tones with naughty wool boots stitching design, both youth and fashion. And this boots easy to wear and wild, whether it is with the pair of jeans with a modern sense of retro, or with the bell pants with the natural sense of nature, can bring warm warm effect can also be used as a style to create a Variety Choice. Is still a classic, simple and generous version of the type, do the old texture of the matte leather fabric to bring the taste of retro. Stitching pu fabric, made a hit color design, rich layering, significant fashion full. Comfortable inside, autumn and winter warm wrapped feet, small round of the last type, the feet show delicate feet thin A stitching small shoes, sheep skin and the first layer of leather stitching, temperament mix and match, cool tide cool, delicate among a kind of hard feeling, thick temperament with cool neutral. Cortical sheep skin, elegant and delicate, feels like a velvet texture, delicate and gorgeous, aristocratic temperament.

    Super handsome pair of Martin boots, in the autumn is simply your fashion wild God shoes ah! Leather production, smooth shoes body, decorated christian louboutin with exquisite chain, simple classic generous, highlight your fashion temperament. And whether it is with a skirt or pants, it can easily hold. Martin boots with sheepskin to create, matte material so that the texture of boots more clear and natural, with excellent feel and the ultimate skin-friendly experience. Black with a strong retro style, mysterious low-key no matter what the situation can be perfect control, the smooth surface of the shoe to enhance the gloss of the shoes, giving a refreshing feeling. Classic style boots, no extra design. Retro rounds of fashion generous, but also bring enough space, more inclusive. Strap design, but also with the slightest movement of the wind, to create a completely different fashion style, the side of the zipper, it is easy to wear, accompanied by V-type sexy embellishment, wearing is arbitrary.

    2017-10-29 19:17:41
  • I heard you in the small white shoes of the drug, I came to help you poisoning deeper

    I do not know from when, small white shoes almost become a single woman fashion one of the essential. Do you remember a child when the white sports shoes? It is louboutin sale the predecessor shoes with red bottoms of our small white shoes today. And the meaning of small white shoes itself is "small" and "delicate", and it is because of its fresh style and loved by yo. Whether it is dress or the pursuit of comfort, small white shoes can meet the needs of most women. Although the seasonal changes in the weather is gradually cooling, and small white shoes are regardless of the season. Pure white shoes in the visual can help you swept away the thick sense of winter and turn the whole person into the light and leisure up. Let you in the winter full of girls feeling. Although it has now entered the autumn, but most of the winter made demon is the north, the South is still very warm, and small white shoes as a wild base of the shoes, in such a fall with a pair of jeans is no better. In addition to handsome classic jeans, to cure the warm sweater with a small white shoes is also handy. Whether you choose to hedge or cardigan, color is bright and small white shoes will not cause any visual conflict. In addition, the autumn and winter and small white shoes with the most handy should be the coat, and dressed in gentle coat, with the louboutin shoes sale fresh white shoes, simply not wrong. Leather pants as a cool master, for christian louboutin shoes sale the gas field has a great help to enhance, and small white shoes seem to have the point of the factors in the inside. Leather pants plus small white shoes, cool handsome points. Do not always feel that wearing a small white shoes can only develop towards the leisure wind. In fact, and skirt, suit with them can also be with ladies and rigorous temperament.

    In fact, the best choice for shoes to buy their own models rather than blindly follow the trend of fashion. We can first according to their own leg type, foot type to see what type of white shoes the most appropriate. Second look at the style and color match.

    2017-10-25 19:23:55
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