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  • Let you transform from a boy into a man's five shoes

    There are many first-person visions of people, but judging by appearances - hair, teeth and shoes are the most visible parts of the first two that need your care, while shoes need another kind of fortune and are the easiest Neglected. Shoes and the inner has a very delicate relationship, clothing can deceive people, but the shoes can not lie. Friends around the base are grown children, this can be judged from their shoes, ten pairs of shoes are eight pairs of shoes or casual shoes, they are all kinds of colorful sneakers have faith in the dedication , Rarely see them metamorphosed into mature men, such as to add a few pairs of their own dress shoes. But as we grow, we will eventually bring back athletic shoes to places like them, such as playgrounds or gyms. Chanel said "women without perfume, there is no future," if the man should be "men without shoes do not have the future," though the words forced, but compared to chemical fiber and foam, the texture of leather people feel more solid. If you do not know what to buy those few pairs of basic models, but also the most easy to match the shoes, this article articles should be able to help you. Brock is Brogue. Bullock shoes from England. Whether brown, chocolate, brown or maroon, a pair of brown Bullock shoes will be your shoe indispensable wild shoes. For example, a white shirt with a roll up of dark jeans and brown Bullock shoes, leisure can be refined. However, it should be noted that the lighter the color the more leather needs a better care. Any leather shoes need careful care to maintain the texture, so choose a high quality shoe polish is essential. It should be made from natural ingredients such as beeswax, palm wax. These nourishing ingredients nourish your leather shoes like a moisturizer, preventing it from drying, cracking and tarnishing.

    Ancient style is the focus of this section shoes, if you realize the importance of it, then you should know how to pick the most suitable for your own shoes, it is your mature representative. With socks is a must. Smooth upper must be you go care, let it shiny, it is the British gentleman's must do. Pants with your trousers and casual pants, will appear very tasteful, and try to choose brown, this classic. Oxford shoes in the shoe lasts and both sides of the shoe body, tend to make such as carved wing design, usually playing more than three holes on the upper, and then tie the rope fixed, not only to bring decorative shoes Change, also shows a low-key classical taste. Now Oxford shoes have been flooding in the leather and stockings hobby base Friends, shoes are small slaves licked shine. But I have to say that it is a perfect fit. Regardless of your access to any serious occasion, such as interview or wedding, Oxford shoes are a basic equipped shoes. Rooted shoes not only make you significantly higher, but also exercise your calf muscles, the general love to wear leather shoes, Friends, the legs are very firm and orderly. Proximity under the parcel in the package is very sexy Oh ~ a man must have black suit, then with a pair of black shoes, is authentic home. Quality is often highlighted in the shoes, but also the symbolic representation of men, the selection must be careful.

    The term "Loaf" is meant to mean an idle way of life, louboutin shoes while Loafer represents a group of people who have such a relaxed and independent attitude to life. Carrefour shoes, the majority refers to the flat or low shoes without shoes, is characterized by easy to wear off, is the classic style of men's casual shoes. Carrefour shoes can create a modern style of Metro men, they play in a timely manner, born love fashion, like easy casual pleasure. Said Carrefour shoes lazy shoes, is really convenient home. If you are used to leisure, then this pair of Carrefour shoes is absolutely able to meet all your needs, the color can be assured, because they are all solid colors. Training shoes is a professional athlete in the training reaction, the basic movement to wear when wearing, suitable for a variety of sports. Also known as "all-purpose shoes / Trainer", but his dress was enlarged, became the all-around with shoes. White sneakers most reverie, clean, narcissistic, smart to make it the label. You should prepare for yourself a pair of white leather training shoes, although its color is single, single training shoes more easily than normal, from jeans to trousers, never mind, the effect was surprisingly good. Almost all sports brands have white training shoes, so the choice is great. In the soles added a layer of dark brown lines, convenience is christian louboutin sneakers its primary function. With your feet pants or pants are just right. Men understand your convenience, but also know that you need to be more convenient and know how to function under the drug.

    Leather boots are the winter's love, but also with the highlights, has always been a confident handsome man's must-have item. Men always have a special feeling of boots, it is also the best performance of men full of graceful image. In terms of collocation, as long as christian louboutin shoes sale you think, can not bother to pant it, whether it is the pain or the leg, it has its useless. Do not buy it immediately after the louboutin shoes sale boots to buy, first in the newly bought leather boots leather boots dedicated shoe polish, so that the shoe fully absorb the time to wear shoe wear about four or five hours on the same, so you can slow down Leather boots aging speed. Boots if you do not wear for a long time should clean up the boots inside the boots filled with waste paper to make it very wide, especially the long boots must use the paper to hold up the boots and then put it in the shoe storage , So that shoes will not be affected due to improper storage of aliasing and wearing.

    2017-11-22 18:13:53
  • Prepare a pair of high heels to enhance your fashion style

    Love moving girls, but also need a little elegant femininity, to interpret their style charm, lively and active women's friends, in the pursuit of light-duty charm, often bother dressing, make yourself become Sexy, more feminine is not christian louboutin shoes sale it, Xiao Bian quietly tell you, with a light mature woman atmosphere, it is simple, ready to walk a good pair of high heels, high heels have been the goddess who love, delicate shoes, tender, elegant , Instantly enhance your temperament, lively you into a stylish elegant, sophisticated woman. Leather thick with a single shoes, shoes, stylish, simple and generous design, beautiful resistance to see, very good arch equipped with clothes, all appear elegant with tone, just rough with height, walking smoothly, not tired, breathable perspiration, four colors Selected to meet different preferences of women to buy. British crystal rough with a single shoe, buckle shoes word, wearing a very sexy, crystal design in front of a very grade, giving the immediate christian louboutin heels feeling of bright red red bottom shoes for men color, looking very bright! Pointed suede high heels, wearing a very sexy, the color is super positive, there will be no fading problems, suede wearing a very comfortable, feel Ye Hao, very good cleaning, like Mushroom cool start it!

    Retro high-heeled square shoes, wearing a very atmospheric, feminine, red color, very sexy, in front of the word deduction is very convenient, there will be no shoes when it is not very humane it? Suede fabric, louboutin shoes sale very good cleaning, touch feeling is good, the word buckle metal design is very grade, very comfortable to wear, pointed toe wearing a very sexy.

    2017-11-20 18:15:11
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