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  • Breathable comfortable sandals, summer essential wild shoes

    Hot and hot, red sole shoes summer is about to strike, clear and beautiful sandals have to be popular in this romantic summer, can not enter the popular stage, it is necessary to look at the foot of this pair of beautiful shoes fashion! The style of sandals has become more and more diversified. Will OL start the sandals of the latest season? It's no longer a dream to be slimmer in summer! When summer arrives, what better than sandals to make your feet comfortable! That's a pair of super soft, beef, sandals. This new product is a great love for this! The insole is a massage granule with a bumpy design. It is really suitable for standing and walking for a long time. And the end of beef is really light, and it's comfortable to wear it on several occasions. Everyone usually wears high heels and really needs a pair of shoes that liberate their feet! The retro design is full of literary and artistic temperament, will not tired feet, flat design comfort, wearing a very comfortable.

    The style of the age-reduced color is red bottom heels the best match on the hot day, the design of the loose-type and the thick-bottomed, the design of the casual belt buckle, and the design of the three velcros make the person with high instep wear elegant. Want to float out of the shoes is also important, oh, this new retro and stylish, cross the upper sexy is also very long legs, wine red and black, you can choose a low-key black, if want to publicize a little It is attractive to choose wine red bar, buckle design allows you to wear off the convenience, thick bottom also allows you to secretly increase a few layers, groove design allows you to fit comfortable foot type, not tired feet. Exquisite and elegant folds and pleated uppers. The texture of the suede is quite texture. In fact, christian louboutin for men the look is even more fashionable. With jeans or skirts are good-looking, show retro feeling, 3.5cm slope, each step shows classic Temperament beauty, new sandals on the shelves ~

    Neat and elegant new thick sandals, carefully stitched woven fabrics on the soles of the feet, so that the shoes do not look too dull, more dynamic and energetic. Concise splicing, visual more stereoscopic thin feet, fat feet are not afraid of ah! It is a good choice to cope with the daily party shopping, not to mention the closure of the Velcro will be easier and less troublesome. Not only comfortable but also fashionable. Don't tell me to wear flat shoes will be thick legs, this can be louboutin heels worn out slender straight big legs, the proportion of body is often more important than the height! Even if your height is less than 160cm, and your leg length is good, you can still envy you. You can secretly recommend high-waisted pants or high-waist skirts that are very long legs, oh ~ match this pair of flat sandals, you can run to their own unbridled Put your feet on your feet~ How comfortable is it? !

    2018-03-20 19:28:04
  • Looked at the beauty of these flat shoes and hated only one pair of feet

    As a female student, I know very well that high-heeled shoes can bring about temperament and beauty. If I wear high heels every day, I would rather revisit my gender. But there are many people who think flat shoes don't look good. Really? Lazy French women love flat shoes, even the dresses that can highlight Goddess Van's dresses also have flat shoes that can be worn without effort. Wear a neutral and handsome suit, with a pair of flat-shaped Love shoes out of the street concave shape, stylish and relaxed and not tired even if the two styles you do not like, simple jeans with shirts, this youthful vitality dress can also shoes with red soles be used with A pair of flat shoes, with sexual chic.

    There are so many kinds of flat shoes that no matter what style you want to match, flat shoes can satisfy you. Did you want to add a pair of flat shoes to your shoes? The two ways to wear, the first one can be worn normally, the second can choose to follow the way to wear, according to your mood at the time to match. The stitching of sheepskin material is more comfortable, and it is no longer afraid of grinding feet when shopping. The simple upper, followed by no comfort, can match any style. You can wear stylish, lazy temperament, V-shaped shallow mouth upper, can be modified foot style, to create beautiful feet. The pointed toe and the flat bottom that allows the instep to stand almost upright can visually make the feet smaller. With the addition of lotus leaf, create a playful retro fan. Red will bring warm, sexy labels, but with the bow of the elements, with a hint of playful maiden. Suede upper material, more retro style. Ballet gives elegance and princess fantasies, and the design of the toe crease adds a unique touch. He also did a rubbing treatment, giving Feel a sloppy, attractive and full of charm. Light-colored flat shoes give a casual elegance, with a one-piece dress, full of Goddess red bottom pumps Fan. The pointed design red bottom shoes for men louboutin shoes is more suitable for girls with smaller feet.

    2018-03-18 19:19:56
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