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  • 4 notes to teach you how to choose Latin dance shoes

    For dancers, dance shoes are very important. If music is the soul of the dancer, it is the life of the dancer, the extension of the dancer's body, and the body part. Most people may think that they wear a pair of ordinary shoes. The boots can also jump, why bother to buy shoes? Or simply buy a pair of cheap fake shoes to dress up, anyway, they are not very likely to jump. To know that workers must first sharpen their tools for good things, each dance has its own special shoes, jump modern, modern dance shoes; jump Latin, there are Latin dance shoes, and other ballet ballet shoes , tap shoes, tango shoes. It is suggested that beginners can first buy double-exercise exercise shoes to jump. After entering the second stage, they can buy a pair of Latin modern dual-purpose shoes. Girls begin to wear two-inch low-heeled shoes to begin with, and then gradually increase to two and a half inches, three inches, so that it will not sprain ankle due to instability of the center of gravity, high heel is a thrilling burden for beginners. Low-heeled shoes are the favorite of most beginners, tall men or women who jump men, and three-inch high-heeled shoes do make people very graceful, Ting Ting Yuli, suitable for a higher degree of dancers, will not be good Dancers with dancing shoes are like players on the golf course. They choose the wrong club, they can't get greens, and they can make themselves vulnerable to injury.

    However, what aspects should we pay attention to when selecting dance?

    To choose the dance shoes, we must start from several aspects: christian louboutin for men the size of the shoes, the height of the heel, the thickness of the heel, and the angle of the heel.

    1, the size of the shoes

    Wrong point of view: Many people choose to wear shoes, will choose a pair of tight fit, wear comfortable dance shoes on the feet, usually will buy the number of yards to wear when shopping in peace. This is very wrong.

    One reason: professional Latin dance shoes are soft-soled shoes. In the process of dancing, we need to squat your feet (press your feet). When you squat your feet, your feet will shrink, so you feel that your shoes will become bigger. On the other hand, picking a small size of shoes will make you feel comfortable when you collapse your back.

    Reason two: Each person's christian louboutin shoes sale louboutin sale foot is different, dance shoes need to be very close to the feet (this is jargon, which means that when the dance, the heel and foot need to be a very good match). So we need to buy a small one yard (some girls even 2-4 yards smaller) shoes, starting to wear twice will feel a bit uncomfortable, but the third time wearing, the shoes will be propped up, and just fit.

    The right way to heels with red bottoms choose shoes: Do not buy hard-soled shoes, you must buy soft-soled shoes that can injure your feet; buy shoes when you want to pick one or more shoes that you wear when you go shopping; when you wear them on your feet, your toes must Exceeds the toe cap (it's easy to pull the floor with big toe).

    2, the height and thickness of the heel

    Wrong point of view: Many beginners choose a pair of short-heeled, rough-heeled shoes when they choose to wear shoes. Because that type of shoes can stand firm and are not prone to foot pain, it is a choice for many people. Incorrect!

    One reason: Because Latin dance needs to shift the center of gravity between the sole of the foot, the middle of the foot, and the heel, especially when it is moving forward, it is necessary to place the center of gravity entirely on the heel, and then use the fastest speed to move people forward. The girl's calf strength is not as good as that of a boy. Therefore, girls should choose a pair of 2-inch and 3-inch shoes. This will make it easier and more labor-saving.

    Reason two: The 2-inch half--3 inch shoes allow the girls to stand on the broken palm completely, which is very helpful for the vertical axis of the Latin dance.

    Reason 3: Latin dance requires the dancer to put more emphasis on the inner side. If you choose a pair of rough heel and short heel shoes, even if you stand at the wrong center of gravity, you can stand very steadily. Over time, your center is definitely wrong. of.

    3, the heel angle

    The most easily overlooked place: the heel angle I think is a problem many people will not care about reading, this is a very important choice! ! When the heel is not worn, it is inclined inward rather than vertical.

    When a person steps on, the heel will move vertically. If he is not wearing, it will be vertical. After stepping on it, the heel will open back and the heel will be unstable.

    4, color

    How to choose the color of the shoes: Many people do not understand how popular the colors of the Latin dance shoes are now reddish, and the trend of color change is due to the change in the color of black oil. Players must coat black oil during the Latin dance. The palm oil) makes the skin appear to have a very healthy dark color, so if you are a contestant, you should pay attention to your own painted palm oil color when you choose the color, only with a good color will let the leg The lines appear more slender. Black shoes can only be worn with black clothing or darker clothing, and they must be worn with black mesh socks.

    2018-05-23 19:14:46
  • Flat sandals give you steady happiness

    What is happiness? In the morning on the streets full of sunshine, about three or five friends, with a pair of flat sandals, to release the squandering strength, then, find a secluded shop, sit down and drink a few cups of coffee, tell each other The fairy tales about daily life, until nightfall ... ... In this situation, it really should be a lyrics, "I want to steady happiness, this is what I want happiness!" Step into the summer, all airtight shoes are Can not escape the fate of the bottom of the pressure box, no way, hot ah. Therefore, the emergence of sandals, as well as highly sought after, is also a matter of reason. Especially the bright colors, not only breathable, but also contracted the role of white feet, simply. Different from the orange color, the burgundy color is not only the skin color but also the temperament. As christian louboutin heels we all know, women, such as wine, are more mature and more mellow, combined with red, high-end luxury, but they are still elegant and worthy of possession.

    There is no doubt that beige sandals are the best-selling sandals among all sandals. The original flat-bottom design has been very picky, high and low can be, the red bottom heels color is also surprisingly wild, there is a kind of not to give the same kind of way to stay alive, and the woman who knows how to live must not miss. If the feet are a little fat, don't think about light-colored lines. Strong-twisted melons are christian louboutin shoes not sweet. Black buckle buckle handmade sandals is also pretty good, very off the back foot type, you can try, the quality is not emphasized, see the physical only persuasive, the key is that the foot feels super good, who wear who knows. Like the pattern of choosing clothes, choosing shoes also has a fixed flow. First, consider whether it is suitable for you. Second, consider some factors that are not available, so as to ensure that nothing is lost. The bohemian pin sandals are suitable for everyday travel by sea. louboutin shoes You need to enter, do not hesitate, and hesitate to regret. Of course, some shoes, at first glance, are very common, and do not have the desire to be particularly desired. Over time, they will be pleasing to the eye and will not release their feet. This is the difference between love at first sight and a longing for life. Obviously, the flat sandals in the leather belong to the latter. They do not have a gorgeous appearance, but they have a rich internality. Whether it is lost in appearance or intrinsic attraction, the characteristics of the shoes themselves cannot be ignored. Even ordinary sandals, such as flat sandals, must have their own personality, otherwise there is no point. The flat-bottomed sandals on the bag are very unique, and the pursuit of the difference can be shaken.

    2018-05-21 19:27:28
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