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  • How to polish shoe polish How to use shoe polish? Use shoe polish to distinguish leather shoes leather

    Everyone who wears a shoe polish will be able to do it, but to do it with his own ideas, there will always be a variety of mistakes, not only will not protect the role of shoes, but will damage shoes in varying degrees. For the first time, shoes should be rubbed with oil, and should be worn before the new shoes are worn. The leather shoes do not start to get dirty, and they can maintain the color and brightness of the shoes. After wearing it, you need to shoehorn once every two to three days. Different leathers need to use different shoe polishes.

    Different leather shoes use different shoe polish

    Soft cowhide: It is best not to use a brush to oil, cotton is the best, will not louboutin outlet cause harm to the shoes. Clean the shoes before you apply oil, do not wash it with water, use a semi-wet cloth to clean the dust, squeeze the shoe polish on the cotton cloth, and wipe it on red bottom shoes for women the leather surface. Do not apply too much force, master the rhythm, rub a little longer, wait until the color is even.

    Water stained skin: it is best to use colorless shoe polish, or sheep oil to wipe it, it is best to use christian louboutin heels cotton cloth, do not use a brush.

    Wax skin: All the wax skins are not on the shoe polish, otherwise they will change color, and if they change color, they will not change back to the original color. Usually, care is taken to clean it with a clean cotton cloth.

    Patent leather: The patent leather is a leather that shows a lot of hardness and hardness. It does not need to wipe the shoe polish. Usually, it is better to wipe off the dust with a soft cloth. When wearing it, care should be taken to protect it.

    Matte skin: matte skin and suede is the same nature, usually with a brush to clean, brush along the direction of a brush, about a week or so with a matte skin care agent spray, then put the ventilated place like a shade It!

    Polishing shoes with shoe polish

    Shoes can not be painted too thick, can not louboutin sale use shoeshine shoe shine too often, after using shoe polish remember to place the shoes in an outdoor ventilated place.

    2018-05-18 19:16:24
  • How to wash white canvas shoes Simple and easy to solve christian louboutin shoes small troubles

    First, white canvas shoes are best not to wash with detergent, will wash chemical reactions. Will turn yellow.

    Second, wash white canvas shoes experience: use a transparent soap brush again, and then use toothpaste brush again, wash clean, and then use the paper to wrap the shoes up, make the place where the cloth is covered with toilet paper, put in a ventilated place, do not dry The sun will be very clean and it will not shoes with red soles be yellow. There are some stains because washing is not allowed to accumulate for a long time, so it is difficult to dispose of.

    There is a bleach on the market you can try, there is a little yellow is normal, there may be plastic shoes, the first time when the shoes put ventilated place toilet paper to dry

    There are many people think that when washing shoes, it is best to use detergent, and then also recommend you, that is, open the collar collar wash white canvas shoes is also very good Oh! White canvas shoes how to wash clean? Try the above The way!

    Many people also said that the canvas shoes christian louboutin red bottoms are white canvases, but there are small florals on the top and the rain goes through the sky, thinking that the wash will be able to come back white. The result will be washed in the shoe shop, or it will look dirty, and the result will use 84 floats. . If you use 84, you must be careful. When you come across a suit, it will fade. So it is not recommended to use 84. It's best not to use washing powder or soap, because if it is not rinsed enough, it will leave a yellow mark. You can try to use a detergent, or collar net, and then use a toothbrush or soft brush to brush. However, there seems to be a kind of color drift in the supermarket. You can't miss the color. You can try it.

    Here are the specific steps for how to wash white canvas shoes:

    1 Soak your shoes with warm water. It doesn't take a long time to soak in water. If possible, put a little vinegar in it.

    2 Use the decontamination products we mentioned above to brush your shoes. Remember to use a soft brush.

    3 must be rinsed clean

    4 Do not expose to sunlight as much as possible. Cover with toilet paper.

    The problem is that the white shoes or light-colored shoes, if you must be soapy water or detergent water, brush the shoes must use water for a period of time, and then take out the sun not exposed to the sun, the shade is good When the sun is covered with toilet paper on the shoe upper one or two layers, can absorb the soap that makes the shoes yellow. In fact, you can use a toothbrush with a white toothpaste brush and cover it with a white paper towel.

    Now how to wash white canvas shoes should christian louboutin heels be very clear! However, there is a way to use white paint.

    Step 1: Shoes and shoelaces are taken apart and washed. First use whitening soap to wash shoes and shoelaces. Use soft-bristled toothbrush (the shoes must be light, otherwise it will be easily damaged), then rinse with clean water. .

    Step 2: Dilut the white gouache pigment with water (do not add too much water, just not thick enough, of course, white pigment can not be too much), and then use a toothbrush to apply gouache on the shoes, if the dirty serious place can be more Smear

    Step 3: Dry the shoes in a ventilated place.

    Most people use a transparent soap brush, even after brushing clean, they will still use toothpaste to brush it again, this can whiten, if it is dark, you can not use toothpaste brush can also, and then use toilet paper to dry on the package Yes.

    Now, you should know how to wash your white canvas shoes! Try the above method quickly, and clean your white canvas shoes!

    2018-05-16 19:27:27
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